Monday, 14 November 2016

Solenoid Operated and Manual Hand Operated Valves

A hydraulic valve sometimes considered as hydraulic components are the devices used to regulate liquid usually oil. It is used to control the flow of a liquid through hydraulic system. Hydraulic Valve Suppliers in Delhi is offering quality and effective products in different varieties and sizes.
Here are the two main types of hydraulic valves on the basis of their operating procedure.

Manual hand operated valves

Manual valves having long working lives are often used in conventional installations. They are more robust and come in wide range of models and dimensions to meet the client’s customized needs. As depicts from its name, these can be operated manually by an engineer. Different types of manual valves are provided by the leading Hydraulic Valve Suppliers in Delhi that is used for industrial applications globally. These valves are known across the world for the superior quality and impressive feature to perform in great production environment. Smart, strong, and compact manual hand operated valves are mainly used in all sorts of industries.

Solenoid operated valves

Solenoid valves also known as an electrically operated valve is highly engineered product that is used to eliminate the need for an engineer to use the valve manually. It can be used to save the personnel efforts and ensure the brilliant performance. These days, it has been utilized for wide range of unique system applications. The solenoid works using the electromagnetic solenoid coil to alter the valve state from open to close and vice-versa. For instance- if the valve is closed, it gets lifted open by electromagnetic force generate by the coil after energizing it.  

This type of valve uses highly advanced technology such as direct-acting, forced-lift, etc. You can use it for any application where clean process media such as clean gases or light oils requires to be controlled.  

Apart from these main two types, hydraulic valves are subdivided into other categories:
·         Directional control
·         Pressure control
·         Flow control
·         Electro hydraulic

The functioning of all the valves differs from each other. Thus, it is advised to understand the functions and all important features while purchasing it from the supplier.  

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