Thursday, 15 December 2016

Most Common Types of Hydraulic Cylinder

Hydraulic cylinder is the device that has the great ability to convert the hydrostatic energy into mechanical energy. There are numbers of industrial, mobile, and commercial applications that could not exist without using this machinery. The basic principle behind working of hydraulic cylinder is that fluid is stored within its barrel having the piston mounted permanently even though it can move in linear direction. The piston will extend or pull back when a force is applied upon the fluid (usually oil) within the unit. HydraulicCylinder Manufacturers in Delhi is designing different varieties of cylinders primarily depending on the application.
Hydraulic cylinders are more durable, reliable, and have greater power to give the brilliant performance for various applications such as agricultural machines, cranes, hydraulic presses, marine equipment, packing machines and more. 

Selecting the right cylinder before purchasing it and employing for an application is crucial to ensure the long term maximum performance and reliability. Leading Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturers in Delhi is providing different types of cylinders to meet the customized need of customers. Check out the basic information of some main kinds of hydraulic cylinders:

Types of hydraulic cylinders

Single acting

These use hydraulic or pneumatic pressure either to take out or retract single piston rod or sleeve from it. Single acting cylinders are categorized into pull action, push action, telescopic, and rapid traverse cylinders. 

Double acting

In this cylinder, pressure from fluid is applied on both directions of cylinder to both extend and retract the sleeve or rod. These are of two types namely single rod ended and double rod ended. 


In tie-rod cylinders, the top of cylinder, the cylinder tube and bottom of cylinder are connected together through tie rod. Especial compact design and easier examination for repair make it highly demanding to be used for majority of heavy duty manufacturing and industrial applications. 

Mill types  

In this kind of cylinders, cylinder tube, and top and bottom of the cylinder are connected together through welding, screws, or retaining rings. The robust design is its main feature that makes it suitable to be used for applications with great operating condition. 

If you want to enjoy the excellent performance then choose the best hydraulic cylinder as per your requirement.

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